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photo by Derrick Hamrick

Fowler Farms 11 station sporting clays course is laid out in natural surroundings including woods, fields, streams, and mountain views.

 It is necessary to cross three small streams, and you have the opportunity to see different wildlife, including rabbits, groundhogs, turkey, quail, pheasant, and deer.

photos by Derrick Hamrick

Participants move from one station to another at their own speed.

Each station has two automatic Promatic traps, which eliminates the need for trappers. Singles, report pairs, and true pairs are launched from each station. 

Each station presents shooters with a different type of bird flight.

Stations are spaced so that one station cannot be viewed from another.

In designing the course, Andy Perkins’, President of Promatic,

first concern was safety.

photo by Derrick Hamrick

Any shotgun gauge up to 12 may be used.

Using smaller than a 12 gauge entails a loss of hitting power.

However, 20 gauge guns are used for their weight and reduced recoil.

Just about any shotgun with a skeet or modified choke will do.

Many shooters change chokes after looking at a particular target.

Target loads are usually #7 ½ or #8.

photo by Derrick Hamrick 

You might feel intimidated by the prospect of trying this sport,

but you will find you will be welcomed here at Fowler Farms,

and can even shoot alone if you wish. 

Practicing safe gun handling is our primary concern.

Even though clay target shooting is a game, it is a game played with deadly weapons.

Your gun will be loaded ONLY when it is your turn to shoot.

 Only two shells will be loaded into your gun

Safety instructions will be given before you leave the office.

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or narcotics are pemitted on the premises.

Who can shoot the course?

Young or "not-so" young

photo provided by Fowler Farms

male or female

photo provided by Fowler Farms

experienced or inexperienced

photo provided by Fowler Farms

Anyone physically able to walk or drive a golf cart

(golf cart optional- with minimal charge)

and can safely handle a shotgun can shoot the course.  

Small groups may shoot the course together and compete,

keeping score on the score card we provide. 

We maintain a "Leaders Board" for the highest scores,

round of 50 and 100 clays.

photo by Derrick Hamrick

We have had members of bridal parties shoot,

and find that it relieves

"some of the stress" !  

Executives, and others with stressful and hectic lifestyles also find this to

be a stress relieving, and fun experience.

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